No rain on our parade!


Chef Wayne gazes down on Ann St. after a refreshing summer rainshower!

The rising tide after a brief rain is reminiscent of the tide rising through the Finnegan’s side door from Grinnell St. during summer storms and their subsequent power outages (and/or within the men’s loo on the regular).

Less than one hour left! Load up your kayak and paddle down to Shots & Giggles for No-Wake Wednesday!  

Anne Marie just waded in!


One more ‘gain!

Wake Wednesday v. 2.0 is HAPPENING! Get to Shots & Giggles sooner than later, folks, because Wayne’s World Famous Mic’s Mac ‘n Cheese is going FAST!

Denise and Val are behind the bar; and local celebrities Gabo, Mario “Kitchen Bitch,” Lexi(-licious), Sammo, and Magic Mike are bellied up and ready for their close-ups!


Mic’s Mac ‘n Cheese is the CHEESIEST!


Lexi came prepared with her Finn’s coozie!


Wake Update

(Posting on behalf of Frostymoeg…)

It would seem that a lunatic fecking muppet with a high-powered firearm has claimed the 800 block of our beloved Duval Street for his own (until Key West’s Finest arrive to quell the commotion).
Until then, Dear Readers, your humble narrator invites YOU (insert Tia Sammy reference here) to Shots & Giggles on Greene St. (kind of like the 🍀 kind of green, not the green one finds at The Green Room, also on Greene St.) to meet and greet the Lost Souls over a pint (or seven!). There are Closed Space coupons for the taking!

Back to business!

Now that the dust has settled and The Unpleasantness of 2015 is behind us, let’s recommence the auditions.  I, for one, am very thirsty after allegedly participating in an island conspiracy to run Backstab out of town.  Apparently, our new Riff Raff 🍀 shirts come with super powers strong enough to defeat a NOLA strip club bankroll; and a poorly executed menu, indifferent bordering on nonexistent customer service, and outright hostility to the citizenry had nothing to do with that.

Audubon and I have settled into a cozy existence as regulars at Shanna Key Irish Pub in Midtown.  Sure, the interior is a little bright, the menu could stand a few more meatless options, and I’m still waiting on Kitchen Bitch to make with the colcannonballs (but thanks for the delicious pierogis!).  However, the wait staff and bartenders are fun and welcoming and frequently get into the spirit of Jukebox Roulette, joining the singalong on occasion.  The lovely and talented Ms. Georgia has even mastered my and Hot Tamale’s entire “Don’t Stop Believin'” routine.  Tuesday night Trivia and Thursday afternoon Crab Races are definite must-dos.


Recently, Shanna Key graciously hosted the Key West Derby Dames’ roller derby bout after-party, which just might go down in the record books as the best after-party ever.  Mr. Geary and his talented kitchen staff laid out a delicious spread of sliders, Irish nachos, wings, and other appetizers, and the unsuspecting patrons in for a Saturday evening cocktail were clearly delighted by nightingale-like warbling of several dozen tired and sweaty derby gals and guys singing actual karaoke (microphones and everything!).

While Shanna Key has grown on us, we’re still looking for Old Town watering holes in which to rest our weary dogs when they’re barking, especially during physically demanding events such as the Fantasy Fest locals’ parade and the St. Patrick’s Day Bar Stroll (even a bar stroll needs a Final Destination!).  Joe’s Place has definitely grown on us and is a strong contender.  Audubon and I are big fans of the fried pickles and potato balls, and the vegetarian black bean burger is very tasty.

So I challenge you, Dear Readers, to send in your suggestions for additional establishments to audition, even if the Lost Souls have already paid a visit.  The arrival of summer brings the need for SPF 100 proof sunscreen, and Fantasy Fest is right around the corner.


A few weeks ago, yours truly was biking past Backstab on her way to meet some fellow Lost Souls at Key West Bait & Tackle on a sunny Saturday around 1500 hours.  (If you’re not familiar with this fine watering fount then scroll back a few posts for details.)  Always the looky-loo, I glanced wistfully over at the front doors to 320 Grinnell (sigh) and observed a sheet of paper taped to the window.  The missive, printed in what was obviously a miserly low dpi (probably to save toner–these off-season months are tough, you know!) reported to its bystanders that the establishment bearing said 8.5×11″ sheet’s “new summer hours” had been changed to reflect a substantially later opening as well as a closing time not fit for a bank, much less a restaurant/bar in Key West’s Old Town. 

Sit tight, Dear Reader, while I jiggle the handle.  

Just today, as I gazed lazily over my toes at this sunny Wednesday, wondering how folks with year-round (gasp!) jobs handled that special kind of employment hell, my iPhone started dinging (“blowing up” as the kids these days call it) like Oppenheimer’s finest over the Nevada test range.  

I apologize for the resolution, but any foreign third grader in an ESOL class can easily read that Backstab has shuttered for the “summer.”

My one regret is that I’ll never have a chance to don my limited edition “Key West Riff Raff 🍀” tee shirt (thanks, W.K.!) while using the shiny new loos on which the soon-to-be-former new owners spent countless of their Adult Entertainment-earned dollars.  Closing up shop for some part of the summer is common practice here in the Southernmost City.  Hosting a fundraiser the evening before without the merest foreshadowing of a pending closure is not.


Evidently, I’m a L:oser

I continue to be amazed at how many people feel the need to post nasty comments about this blog.

Take this latest comment from our friend, “vic” (see the photo).

“vic” feels the need to call us Losers (or is it L:osers?) because we write a blog. Honestly, I’m not really sure what he’s trying to say, as his grammar and spelling are on par with what I’d expect from a third grader…in a different country…just trying to learn English for the first time.

As noted before by FrostyMoeg, we blog for our own pure entertainment. Don’t like our blog? Don’t read it. And certainly don’t bother commenting on it. I may be one of the “L:osers” who writes this blog, but at least I’m not the loser who has nothing better to do than troll WordPress, writing illiterate comments. Guess “your” also the type to “bich” about stuff, too, huh?

To everyone who likes our blog and gets the JOKE — thanks! To folks who are hostile and angry enough to deliver nasty-grams…get a sense of humor. Or better yet, go away and find something more constructive to do with your time…like learning how to read and write.